3. We, Filipinos love our traditional activities or games like tug of war​


Usually the childrens nowadays are playing thru gadgets that make them forgot about the traditional games like tumbang preso,taguan and etc.

physical changing

•Nag babago Ang shape Ng iyong katawan

Mental changing

•Nagiging emotional ka

social change

•Nagiging friendly ka sa iba at maganda pakikitungo mo sa kanila

Emotional change

•Nabubuang ka mensa yung iiyak kantapos bigla ka nlng tatawa

Moral changes

•lumalakas pa nanamnpalataya mo


mag dasal ka Makaya moyan answeran❤️


A traditional activity is an activity that generally and lawfully occurred in the Old Park contemporaneously with the enactment of ANILCA, and that was associated with the Old Park, or a discrete portion thereof, involving the consumptive use of one or more natural resources of the Old Park such as hunting, trapping, fishing, berry picking or similar activities. Recreational use of snowmachines was not a traditional activity. If a traditional activity generally occurred only in a particular area of the Old Park, it would be considered a traditional activity only in the area where it had previously occurred. In addition, a traditional activity must be a legally permissible activity in the Old Park.


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