Why should he use a drinking straw of small diameter​




Speed is a measurement of distance traveled over a period of time.

speed = \frac{distance}{time}


Distance = 625m

Time = 25s

Speed = \frac{625m}{25s}

= 25m/s

More details about speed in the link below:

north pole.

because of the law of magnetism. opposite attracts and likes repels. if the clip is attached at the north end of the magnet then we can conclude that the end of the paper clip that is attached to magnet's north is south then the other end of the clip must be north and this continues to occur to other clips that are hanging on the magnet.

The first reason is for the liquid to have enough air compression so that when a person sips it, the liquid goes up through the mouth.

And a drinking straw with smaller diameter is more comfortable to use. Bigger ones are only required for drinks with tapioca or any solid sinkers.

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