What is the average speed of a walker who walks 500 m in 400 seconds


High ionization energies.

High electronegativities.

Poor thermal conductors.

Poor electrical conductors.

Brittle solids—not malleable or ductile.

Little or no metallic luster.

Gain electrons easily.

Dull, not metallic-shiny, although they may be colorful.



The plate tectonics beneath the surface of each continents moves a mm every year


what is the average speed of a walker who walks 500 m in 400 seconds

We have the following data:

a (average speed) = ? (in m/s)

d (distance) = 500 m

t (time) = 400 s

We apply the data to the average speed formula, see:

a = \dfrac{d}{t}

a = \dfrac{500\:m}{400\:s}

\boxed{\boxed{a = 1.25\:m/s}}\end{array}}\qquad\checkmark

The average speed is 1.25 m/s


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1.25 m/s

speed= distance ÷ time
= 500m ÷400 seconds
= 1.25 m/s

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