Sara is an aspiring figure skater. stretching is an important part of her exercise routine. sara is trying to improove which of the following components of physical fitness?


Skill fitness components
She is trying to improve physically.
Sarah needs to be flexible to do her trucks unhurt

Flexibility is the quality of bending easily without breaking. And stretching is a way to improve your flexibility :)
Flexibility is being improved
B.Muscular endurance

the answer is c. flexibility :)



because streatching is part of flexing activities

a. Flexibility

Stretching helps you get the good range of your motion. It increases your ability to perform the skill movements required and aids proper posture as well. When you are properly stretched, muscle spasms and injury will less likely to occur. Also, when stretching this prepares your body and mind for the things that you are about to do.

She is improving her flexibility.

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