How many hours of sleep at night does a person need in order to less stress?


Title of the Game:Bring me the item

Objectives:Get the items asked


1. You must find the asked item

2. You can only find the item in designated area

How they affect all those 5?

1. Agility (how fast they can run to get the items you mentioned)

2. Flexibility(how fast they can Rover to the host)

3. Stamina(How much they can find the item you mentioned)

4. Endurance( If there is priced this will literally effective, Why? Mone)

5. Creativity. Asked for color stuff and they will just find something white xD)

Tablet, iphones, cellphones, mostly technology and most of it has or should have i pens for those who are not good in drawing a hand to hand digital drawing.
The normal sleeping hours.
8 to 10 hours of sleep should be taken by a person at night to lessen stress.

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