Did the marriage relationship start with court ship and dating? how?


Yes marriage and relationship started with courtship and dating because before being a couple, you have to know each other and you will be able to learn about each order through dating and courtship. It is important to know each other so that when people get married, they will have a better understanding to one another.
Yes it is. Because marriage life ain't a joke or a short term relationship. It takes time to know if he/she is really the one. You need to be very careful that's why they need to undergo courtship and dating because marriage is for a lifetime.
Well couple meet its destiny.
they like each other through eyes meets and throug their brain down to their heart
Of course, marriage/relationship started with courtship/dating because courtship/dating is the start of a romantic relationship where you find feelings for each other.
No , it starts in friendship because it's good to know each other,than dating wihout knowing her/him.
Maybe ?Its up to the couple who loving each other, because some relationship is a Fixed Marriage
I think court is the first one. But I just thought that both are them start with the same time.

nope, it's start of strangers turns to knowing to each other and courtship. After courtship, dating is the next step. Then if both partners really like each other and they feel they're meant to be the marriage is the next target.

1. They met at their elementary school.

2. They loved/liked each other with their personalities and with their positive vibes.

3. Yes, It is the common tradition (here in Asia) to court the girl, before having a relationship with another sex, to seek what she/he is going to be with the rest of their lives.

4. Yes, Since courting and dating are like the basis of why, you are going to live with that person the rest of your life.

5.The message i can draw from the previous information, were, being in a relationship/ marriage, it takes time and patience. Its either they stay or go for being with their partners. Best thing is to think before in a relationship since its hard to know what your future will be with the person you'll be with.

It depends. But I just prefer dating.

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