Example of cosmetics in health product



What I Can Do

A teenager like you is also a consumer. You avail food, cosmetics, gadget,

health products and services for your daily living. Help Jana and jino

identify the government agency that could help them in these situations.

1. Jino is a resident of San Antonio Province. He is a senior high school

student. Because of the new normal way of living due to the pandemic

he decided to buy a new laptop for his study. He bought a laptop with

serial no. 87439 from MNP Electronics for Php 15,500.00. The company

gave 1-year warranty and 6 months money back guaranty. He was told

that in case of trouble or malfunction before or while using the gadget all

of his money will be given back to him immediately or item replacement.

He purchased the laptop but experienced a lot of problems. He sent his

complaints repeatedly and requested for a replacement but had fallen on

deaf ears. He also wrote letters to the manager but all he got was a

reassurance from them that they are looking into the matter.

Government Agency:

What advise can you give to Jino?

2. One summer, Jana spent her vacation in their province. She was

shocked when she witnessed the current situation of solid waste

management in their town. The town has become a pile of trash. The

officials seldom visit their town to check the works of their staff. Their

method of operation is totally outdated. Most of their trucks are out of

order. The streets are littered with heaps of domestic garbage. People

are so helpless that they have no other choice but to burn the solid waste

to get rid of it. Burning of solid waste creates poisonous toxic gases which

are extremely harmful to people’s health. Who can help Jana and her


Government Agency:

What advise can you give to Jino?

e was forced to buy the product at that

expensive price because she wants to protect her family from the virus.

At home, her older sibling told her the suggested retail price of the

alcohol. She was so upset because of the hoarding and unreasonable

price manipulations of the products and other essential commodities.

Where can she report the problem?

Government Agency:

What advise can you give to Jino?



Detergents, abrasives, and acids are examples of

- d. households cleaning

Hair Products (shampoo, conditioner, etc.), Beauty Products (Make up, lipstick, etc.), Body Products

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