How many servings do you need as an adolescents


Nakikita mo ang aking sarili bilang isang mabuting magulang na gagawin lahat matugunan lang ang pangangailangan ng mga anak at mga magiging anak ko. Alam ko ang pakiramdam na hindi mapagbigyan ang gusto at pangangailangan ko bilang anak kaya't alam ko sa sarili ko na hindi ko ito ipaparanas sa mga anak ko ano man ang mangyari. Kung kinakailangang magdoble-kayod at ibuhos ko sa mga anak ko ang buong atensyon ko ay gagawin ko maramdaman lang nila ang halaga nila at ang pagmamahal ko sa kanila.



The correct sentence is...

Proper execution of dance steps decreases the risk of injuries.

Proper execution of dance steps means that your body is moving perfectly without damaging anything or at least minimizes the damage. The proper steps are what were the previous dancers execute, so the dancers nowadays can be sure that these steps are safe if done correctly.


As many as you can eat based on what said by health experts.Not too much,not too less.

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