Balls with worn-off fuzz becomesanswer that will eventually affect its flight and the player's control on it.


Question 1

Balls with worn-off fuzz becomes very light that will eventually affect its flight and the player's control on it.  

Question 2

The western grip is seldom used because of the limited stroke production and awkward grip.  

Question 3

In a doubles game of tennis, all players may have the chance to serve the ball.

Select one:

a. False

b. True

answer is b. True.

Question 4

The receiver must return the serve on its first bounce to the server's court.  

Question 5

Shown in the picture below is the backhand stroke.  

Question 6

Lob refers to the move of hitting the ball in a high arc.  

Question 7

Players change ends after every even-numbered game.  

Select one:

a. True

b. False

answer is b. False.

Question 8

The game is won if one of the player gets four points. (tennis)

Select one:

a. False

b. True

The answer is b. True.

Question 9

The forward swing’s power is generating from the speed and velocity of the forward and upward movements of arms, legs and body.  

Question 10

Feet are turned sideways in preparation for a backhand stroke. For the definition of the word stroke, you may go to this link:

Question 11

The least practiced tennis stroke.

backhand stroke

Question 12

The continental grip requires a strong wrist to be effective.

Question 13

The tennis court for a singles game must be twenty seven (27) feet wide.

Question 14

A student of court tennis who introduced the game "Playing Ball" is Major Walter Wingfield. To know more about this guy, you may click this link:

Question 15

When the points reach 40-40, it is called a deuce.

Question 16

The most popular grip in tennis.

Eastern tennis forehand grip

Question 17

In a doubles game, the tennis court is thirty six (36) feet wide.

Question 18

The length of the tennis court is seventy eight (78) feet.

Question 19

At a game where both players reach 40 points each, one player must win at least one point over the other to win. (tennis)

Select one:

a. True

b. False

The answer is b. False. The correct answer is two consecutive points.

Question 20

The ball is hit on a downward motion in a western grip stroke.  

You can click this link to know more about the game tennis:

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