Ang pag-ibig parang holdapan. nasa sayo ang desisyon kung ipaglalaban mo ng patayan o bibitaw ka na lng dahil takot ka lng masaktan


Texture is how the tempo melodic and harmonic materials are combined thus, determining the overall quality of a sound
Romantic Period

The correct answer is Frederick Chopin. Frederick Chopin was a famous musician and composer during the Romantic Period. He is known as a child prodigy in playing the piano. He made his musical debut in Vienna, during 1892.

Frederick Chopin list of worksMilitary' Polonaise in A, 'Heroic' or 'Drum' Polonaise in A flatChopin's 'Minute' Waltz'The Farewell Waltz' Historical events that influenced the Romantic PeriodThe Industrial Revolution. The French Revolution. Movement away from Classical Period

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