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How many different cions do we use? a. what picture do you see on ech? b. what do you see written on each?


A^-1  = {(4, -4),  (2, -3),  (1, -2),  (-1, 0),  (-3, 1),  (-5, 2)}

The same way you would ask an athlete, how do you know the ways of hitting the bat with such accuracy? how do you know how to jump at the right time for the ball to hit the basket?

the same way you would ask a writer, how does such inspirational thought-provoking thoughts alight in your mind? how did you find precise words for an ineffable expression?

i would like to maybe give you a scientific answer, perhaps something to do with how some are more apt to follow the logical steps and reasoning that comes with math.

but thinking about it, i’ll just say the most obvious one.

your brain is different, and simply more inclined mathematically.

that does not mean other people are in any way ‘less’ than you for having a slower understanding.

it just means they understand other things better than you do too.

such is life and diversity of human race.
Pagkilala mo sa isang tao

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