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Apoint is drawn on a rectangular table, 3 feet from one side and 4 feet from an adjacent side. how far, in feet, is the nearest corner of the table?


all you have to do is graph the points on a coordinate plane and then you put your pencil on the point and count up till you arrive at the line your point is sitting on, then you count over till you get to the point. the number of lines it took you to get to the right line is your rise and the number of lines it takes you to go across to your point is your run. your answer is written as rise over run, like a fraction. your rise is the numerator and your run is the denominator , good luck. any more questions just ask, i'm sure someone will help. or email me at [email protected] bye



step-by-step explanation:

This is my answer..I may not be intelligent but this is my opinion.. The nearest corner of the table is 1 feet away..Because it is said in the question, that on the one side is 3 feet and on ther side is 4 feet..So i think 1 feet is the nearest✔

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