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Suppose you have one billion pesos in 100 pesos bills and you give away one billion every minute without stopping. how long it take to give away the one billion pesos? what if you gave away 1000 pesos every minute?


It will take 31 years and 7 months to consume 1 billion pesos

1 billion pesos

(365 days)(24 hours)(60 minutes)(60 seconds)
Factors:Spending 1 peso per second will take you 11,574 days, 1 hour, 46 minutes and 40 seconds to spend 1 billion a candy every second and it will take you more than 5 years.Dates:31.71 years or 380.571 months11574 days. Almost about 32 years

buy a candy

every second and it will take you more than 5 years



It's like a dream but if i will have billions dollar first of all i will spend this money to make companies and factories. The benifits of company is that many people can get jobs from there and rest of amount i will spend on the poor child for higher education and food after get education they can work for me and i can make from billion to trillion and more child can get education for free and definately i will return your bilions dollar thanks


I will use it in a good way, I will give it to others who need help because the blessing we receive we must also share with others.


correct me if im wrong nalang haha..

Almost about 32 years

Or 32.995

20 years or moreejdiifgkkfkf

1. win

2. will quit

3. will travel

4. will stay

5. want

6. I see

7. will purchase

8. have

9. will do

10. needs

11. will give

12. will donate

13. will offer

14. win

15. will help

Hope this helps!


answer is 10000 every mins.

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