List all the possible subsets of m= {c, a,r}.


22-30=-8 babababbjansbs


william playfair, inventor of chartsjames maxwell, the first color photographeralan turing, world war ii codebreakerpierre-simon laplace, pioneer of statisticsthomas bayes, advancer of statisticscharles babbage, computer visionaryada lovelace, the first computer programmerdavid hilbert, the patron saint of math teachers; one of the founders of proof theory euclid of alexandria, prover of mathissac newton, inventor of calculusgottfried leibniz, always in newton's shadow; infinitesimal calculus independent of englishman sir issac newton.joseph lagrange, simplified newton's workblaise pascal, inventor of the first calculatorjohn von neumann, early developer of the digital computerleonhard euler, a mathematician with an imaginationdaniel bernoulli, built the foundations of aerodynamicscarl freidrich gauss, behind everything we know about statisticsjoseph fourier, explained the greenhouse effecttheodore von kármán, the mind behind the helicopter and supersonic flightstanislaw ulam, developer of the monte carlo


List all the possible subsets: 

SUBSETS: c, a, r, ca, cr, ar, car

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