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the rate of each printer can be solved by analyzing the problem and using fractions or ratio and proportion.

step-by-step explanation:

q: how did you solve the rate of each printer?

given the following:

"you printed your 40-page reaction paper. you observed that printer a in the internet shop stopped printing in two "

from the text, we can know the rate of printer a.

rate = work done divided by the time it took to have the work done.

rate = \frac{work}{time}

rate of printer a = \frac{40 pages}{2 minutes}

by using fraction or ratio and proportion, we can solve the following problems:

1. 45 pages = w minute/s

2. 150 pages = y minute/s

let w, y, be real numbers.

to solve for 1, we will equate the given rate with the problem. simply put:

\frac{40 pages}{2 minutes} = \frac{45 pages}{w minutes}

by cross multiplication,

40w = 45 * 2

solving for w,

w = \frac{45 * 2}{40}

w = \frac{9}{4} = 2.25

the rate for 1 is equals to \frac{45 pages}{2.25 minutes}

to solve for 2,

\frac{40 pages}{2 minutes} = \frac{150 pages}{y minutes}

by cross multiplication,

40y = 150 * 2

solving for y,

y = \frac{150 * 2}{40}

w = \frac{15}{2} = 7.5

the rate for 2 is equals to \frac{150 pages}{7.5 minutes}

" printer b can print x pages per minute, how long will it take to print p "

from the text, the rate of printer b is given.

rate of printer b = \frac{x}{1 minute}

1. 30 pages = r minute/s

2. 35 pages = s minute/s

let r, s, be real numbers.

to solve for 1, we will equate the given rate with the problem. simply put:

\frac{x pages}{1 minute} = \frac{30 pages}{r minutes}

by cross multiplication,

x * r = 30 * 1

solving for r,

r = \frac{30 * 1}{x}

r = \frac{30}{x}

to solve for 2,

\frac{x pages}{1 minute} = \frac{35 pages}{s minutes}

by cross multiplication,

x * s = 35 * 1

solving for s,

s = \frac{35 * 1}{x}

s = \frac{35}{x}


for more information about fractions, kindly refer to the following link/s:

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