Acandy maker makes two sizes of candies. using the smaller size, a full jar will contain 120 pieces of candy. using the larger candies a jar will contain 80 pieces of candy. the candy maker has a strict rule that no jars will contain a mix of small and large candies. if a store has room for 15 jars and they want 1560 total pieces of candy, how many jars will contain smaller candies?


The candy maker will use 13 jars

A.T.Q, your equation would be:

x+y=15 (x=jar of small candy;y=of larger candy)1


Sunstitute value of y from equation 1, which is y=15-x





So, 9 jars will contain small candies.

The candy maker will use 13 jars

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Step-by-step explanation:


9 jars

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