What is the sum of the roots of 5x²-6x+1=0


1)d. business transactions
3)a. unearned expense
4)a. credit
5)a. credit
7)b. debit
8)b. expenses
9)b. true
10)a. debit
11)b. false
12)a. false
13)d. immediate recognition
14)d. at the point of delivery of the goods to the customers
Bro this is si very difficult plss listen to you teacher next time
Positive 6 over 5 kase may formula sa sum na negative b over a at sa product ay c over a kapag sa sum dun lang tayo magbabago ng sign palagi ang negative magiging positive ay positive magiging negative sa product naman remain the sign paden
5x²-6x+1 5x²-6x+1 over 5. 5. 5. Sum=6/5 Or 5x²-6x +1 5x²-30x+5 over 5. 5. 5.. Is equals to -6x also.. And +1 Sum=30

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