Set p consists of distinct letter of the word philippines


F = {M,A,N,I,L}

the answer is p,h,i,l,n,e,s.

Step-by-step explanation:

Step-by-step explanation:

yun ang hirap din try mo mag search

like the first just remove the double /copied letter

C = {m, a, t, h, e, i, c, s}

B = {m, i, s, p}

Step-by-step explanation:

Distinct letters means letters that are only written once; it is not repeated.

1. n(A)={ 7 }

2. n(B)={ 8}

3. n(A)={ 11 }

1. 7

2. 8

3. 7 since distinct which means can't be repeated

P={h,l,n,e,s} i think.

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