The sum of 3 consecutive numbers is 72. what are the smallest of these numbers


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yes, josh's solution is correct.

step-by-step explanation:

this is josh’s solution for the equation x^2 + 12x + 32 = 0:

x^2 + 12x +32 = 0

x^2 + 12x = -32                   (32 is move to the other side that is why it became negative -32 and that is correct)

x^2 + 12x +36 = -32 + 36       (both sides are added with 36 so that the left side could be a perfect square: the process is completing the square: adding any the same number for both sides will result to the same original equation)

〖(x+6)〗^2 = 4           (the left side is a perfect square so it is right)

x + 6 = ±4                           (square of any value is ± so it is right)

x=-2                                     (get the possible values of x)


23 is the answer to your question

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