3m+8=15 is this equation a quadratic? what is the solution of this?


It is not quadratic
It is not a quadratic equation but it is a linear equation because the highest degree on the variable is only 1.
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Yes it is because there is an equal sign, a variable, and a plus sign

Step-by-step explanation:

We can determine whether an equation is linear or quadratic just by looking at how the equation is written. In this case the given equation written as 3m+8=15 is not a quadratic equation

No, the equation is not quadratic because a quadratic is alsways 0

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DISCLAIMER: I assume the '8' has an m and 3m has 'squared ²'





a= 3, b= 8, c= -15


m= -4±√61



How to solve 3m+8=15 in quadratic equation form

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No. because a quadratic equation has a degree of 2. degree means the highest exponent of the equation. The degree of equation 3m+8=15 is 1, which means it is a linear equation, not quadratic

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