Hi I just wanna share to you guys this module about TYPES OF NATURAL PATTERNS in MMW SUBJECT OR MATH. https://upfiles. com/FkzF​


The x-intercepts are (2/3,0) , (2,0) and (-2,0)
Least to greatest !


ok thanks

Step-by-step explanation:

teynks den sa poynts

1.(1) pwedeng tayo na?(2) ha? ayoko nga.(1) Alam mo ba yung pinaka una kong chinat sayo?(2) oo(1) O sige ano yun?(2) pwedeng tayo na?(1) Pwedeng pwede(2) magaling kang kupal ka2.(1) Pwedeng maging tayo? HAHAH(2) 14 palang ako kulet ampt(1) Okay Lang.(1) Age the sent mother.WAHAHAH nababalew nako


Okay thank you btw thank you sa points gob bless take care always

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