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The front row in a concert hall has 57 seats. If you were asked to sit in the seat that occupied the median position which seat would you have to sit? *


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in mathematics, the graph of a function f is, formally, the set of all ordered pairs (x, f( and, in practice, the graphical representation of this set. if the function input x is a real number, the graph is a two-dimensional graph, and, for a continuous function, is a curve.


given \:  =  \\ seats \:  = 57 \\  \\ find \:  =  \\ which \: seat \: would \: i \: have \: to \: sit \:

=  \frac{57 + 1}{2}

=  \frac{58}{2}

= 29

thus \: the \: seat \: position \: or \: the \: seat \: no. \: is \: 29.

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