Tatiana wants to give friendship bracelets to her 32
classmates. She already has 5 bracelets, and she can buy
more bracelets in packages of 4.



Step-by-step explanation:

Ch- Polynomials

answer: 20 mens and 20 days

The equation to determine number of packages  4x\geq 27

Step-by-step explanation:


Total Number of classmates =32

Number of bracelets she has = 5

Number of packages she can buy more = 4

Let x be the number of bracelets required more.

Hence the inequality equation can be determine as

Number of bracelets she has +  Number of packages she can buy more \times number of bracelets required more ≥ Total Number of classmates

5+4x\geq 32\\4x\geq 32-5\\4x\geq 27

The equation to determine number of packages  4x\geq 27

32 ≤ 5+4x

Step-by-step explanation:

there is no inequality but they casts in 7 packages

Step-by-step explanation:

If she buys 5 packages, she will add 5*4 = 20 to the 5 she already has for a total of 25. That is not enough since she need at least 32.  

She has 5, she needs 32 or 32-5 = 27 more. If n is the number of packages she must buy, then:

4n + 5 ≥ 32

4n ≥ 27

n ≥ 27/4

n ≥ 6.75

The smallest integer greater than or equal to 6.75 is 7.

She must buy 7 more packages of 4 to have enough for all her classmates. 5 packages will not be enough

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