Hey, can someone help me please

Letter C

Hey, can someone help me pleaseeeeeeeLetter C




What is your questions

For me, those changes that the 'Company X' made in their compensation and benefits for their employees are their way or strategy to help boost the dedication of their employees, because we all know that every workers are aiming for a high salary. So with that, their employees will exert more effort on their job to have a high salary.


Of course


how can i help you


ano ba yun?


ano nga kase?

1. When i viewed the information about COVID 19 virus, i remembered that

the filipino frontliners are really doing their best for our country.

2.  One line of information that strikes me is that the ever-increasing and increasing number of deaths from the virus, causing the qaurantine to last longer. Because that is very disturbing.=-=

3. Learning information about how to protect oneself from the virus reminds of my experienced when I was young, I remembered how my parents protected and cared for me, like our frontliners do today to protect and care for all of us.

4. When i go back to school, i will do the following safety measures

wear a maskregular hand washingconducting social distancing

5. I realized that I can also protect other people from the virus if i do the following

when I sneeze or cough I should cover my mouthalways observe social distancingstay at home#CarryOnLearning ;)

19 lines

Step-by-step explanation:

Count all the lines in the square and there you get the answer :)

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