Draw and write the equations of the following lines.

a. Parallel to the y-axis, and at a distance of 3 units from it.

b. Parallel to the o>axis, and at a distance of 2 units from it.

c. Through (4, 1), and (c.1) parallel to x = 3; (c.2) parallel to y= 6.

d. Through (3, 4), and (d.1) parallel to x = 1; (d.2) perpendicular to the same line.

e. Through (3, -1), and parallel to the line passing through (2, 4) and (-1,3).​


Inverse Variation

Step-by-step explanation:

It is inverse because it talks about the quantity or the amount of time and the numbers of workers.


maybe because the other place are we have a 30 students and other 67..for me its depend the place of many migration..and famous school

lindo earns 2625 in 7 weeks


step-by-step explanation:

i don't know

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