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During a fireworks display, a particular firework is projected at a starting height of 480 feet with an initial upward velocity of 80 feet/second. The equation to model this situation ish equals minus 16 t squared plus 80 t plus 480 . How long will it take for the firework to reach its maximum height? seconds How far above the ground will it be? feet



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The next number in this sequence will be
Answer is b (p16,000,000).

p18 million less increase in unearned revenue by p2 million.



step-by-step explanation:

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answer: 133°step-by-step explanation: x=360°-(measure of angle 1 + measure of angle 2 + measure of angle 3) x=360°-(112°+35°+80°)x=360°-227°x=133°...Read More
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i'm sorry, but in order for me to understand this, i need the photo....Read More
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