7 minutes before 7 o'clock is the same as


The problem above is answerable by true or false. In answering true or false questions you must read and understand the statement. If the statement is correct then it is true, otherwise false. Visit sample true or false statement in the

"27 minutes before 7 o'clock is 33 minutes past 5 o'clock"

The statement is a comparison of two phrases. So the mathematical statement become p=q to make the statement true. If in case it is not true then the statement is false.

Let "27 minutes before 7 o'clock" is p.

      "33 minutes past 5 o'clock" is q

The next step is define p.
       p = 27 minutes before 7 o'clock
          = 6:33
       q = 33 minutes pass 5 o'clock
          = 5:33

Since p is not equal to q, then the statement is false.

Aside from answering above, you can make the false statement into true statement by simply modifying it like in 

To make the statement above true, you need to replace 5 o'clock into 6 o'clock. So, the statement becomes " 27 minutes before 7 o'clock is 33 minutes past 6 o'clock"

For more example related to the topic visit: 

Additional example given below

       38 min before 7 o'clock is____

The answer would be 6:22

If you are a first time learner or a teacher about the clock. You can use a round wall clock that has been rotated for more understanding. 

It should be 33 minutes part 6 o'clock.


Step-by-step explanation:

You want to subtract 7 minutes from 7 o'clock. You have to do the math in your head because obivously a calculator can't do it. But start at 7:00 and go one by one starting at 6:59 as 1, 6:58 as 2, and continue until you have subtracted 7 total.

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