D. construct 4 different scalene triangles. 2. in the second triangle, construct all the angle bisectors.

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L= 15m W= 4mStep-by-step explanation:A=60m^2W=L-11L × (L-11) = 60. create a equationL^2 - 11L = 60L^2 - 11L - 60= 0. equate the equation to zero(L-15) ( L+4)=0. factoringL=15m. L=-...Read More
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Based on the given, DR is a diameter of circle O. if mMR = 70, a)  the measure of arc RDM is 360 - 70 which is equal to 290.b)  the measure of DRM is 250 since it is a semicircle p...Read More
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I'll just randomly say that there are a total of a hundred males and 25 do smoke and the rest doesn't.solution: 25/100 = 0.25 or 1/4...Read More
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