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Find the present value of a loan due on december 31, 2019 with a maturity value of php 888,000 and a rate of 6 percent quarterly in 150 days

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h=8+rvcone=1/3 π[tex]r^{2} h[/tex]v(r)= 1/3 π[tex]r^{2} (8+r)[/tex]v=1/3 8π[tex]r^{3} + πr^{3}[/tex]...Read More
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4432Step-by-step explanation: 2 is ones so it said that ones is 2 less than ten thousands so add 2 which makes it 4, My hundreds digit is 1 less than my ten thousands digit so 4-1=...Read More
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A= {x/x is a part of region six} or a= {x/x is a part of western visayas}...Read More
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