C. construct the following: 7. construct a triangle whose sides are 5 cm, 8 cm, and 10 cm long.

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Based on the given, DR is a diameter of circle O. if mMR = 70, a)  the measure of arc RDM is 360 - 70 which is equal to 290.b)  the measure of DRM is 250 since it is a semicircle p...Read More
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to find the vertical asymptotes we solve the equation n(x) = 0. the vertical asymptotes are x = 1 and x = –1. to fund them solve the equation n(x) = 0. the numerator t(x) then the...Read More
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2x+y=5Step-by-step explanation:-2 = y-(-3)/x-4-2 = y+3/x-4Cross Multiply-2/1 = y+3/x-41(y+3)=-2(x-4)y+3=-2x+8Addition Property of Equality(2x)+y+3=(2x)-2x+82x+y+3=82x+y+3+(-3)=8+(-...Read More
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