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How many square inches are in 1 square yard


Therefor the answer is 304 inches²

Step-by-step explanation:

L= 8






= 304

The answer to this is 584 in^2

Step-by-step explanation:

The question asks for the total surface area (TSA) if the box.

The solution goes like this

TSA = 2lw + 2wh + 2lh\\TSA = 2(18in)(10in) + 2(10in)(4in) + 2(18in)(4in)\\TSA = 584in^2

Thus, the box requires a paper that has an area of 584in^2.

If you want to know more about solid geometry such as finding the surface area and volume of various solid bodies, you may visit the following links:  







Step-by-step explanation:

Given facts: 5 x 7 inches each picture, 4 favorite band members.

Area of each picture= 7 x 5

= 35

35 x 4

= 140 square inches

Julie printed out a picture of each of the six members of her favorite band to decorate her bedroom door. Each picture measures 8 inches by 10 inches. Once decorated, how many square inches of Julie's door will be covered by these pictures?

Once decorated, 480 inches squared of Julie's door will be covered by the pictures.

Step-by-step explanation:

What is asked?

How many square inches of Julie's door will be covered by these pictures?


picture of each of the six members -

8 inches by 10 inches


The problem is asking for the square inches covered by the pictures so clearly we need to look for the area.

(AREA is the space covered by any figure.)

First, we need to get the area of the picture itself.

area of rectangle = length × width

= 8 inches × 10 inches

= 80 inches squared

Then, multiply the area of the picture by six, because there are six members in her favorite band.

80 inches squared × 6 = 480 inches squared

For other examples of word problems, visit the links.


Step-by-step explanation:


1 ft^2 = 144 in^2

60ft^2 (144 in^2 / ft^2), cancel out ft^2

= 8640 in^2

 39 pi sq ins

Step-by-step explanation:

area of lateral surface of the cup  =   height*2 pi r

                                            =  5* 2 pi *3   = 30 pi

area of the base of the cup  =  pi 3^2  =  9 pi

total surface  area   =   30 pi + 9 pi   =  39 pi sq ins

120 square inches


Solving for the area of each picture.


Solving for the total area that will be covered by five pictures.


1296 square inches

Step-by-step explanation:

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