Pls help me !! C Write an equivalent algebraic equation for each situation. Then, solve the equation.
1. Among 30 people who attended the barangay council meeting, there were 6 more men than women. How many men were at the meeting? How many were women?

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hah - a trick question - easy. each of the four equal pieces is still 18/4m long, and done with just two cuts....Read More
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Cosecant is the ratio of the hypotenuse to the opposite side....Read More
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Aahh, k, dali lng, here. pag may nakita kang dalawand term na magkaparehas and variable at ipagsama mo, tapos itranspose/ bliktarin mo ung sign ng coefficient/ number na walang 4...Read More
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answer: a figure (or shape) that can be divided into more than one of the basic figures is said to be a composite figure (or shape). for example, figure abcd is a composite figure...Read More
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** I don't know what is (53 1/2 33 4/5 32 2/3)PROBLEM:Given two sides of a triangle and its perimeter, find the unknown side.SOLUTION:...Read More
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