Ricardo read this excerpt from A Black Hole Is NOT a Hole by Carolyn Cinami DeCristofano. Discoveries of black holes exploded in the late 1900s and early 2000s. What scientists found reads like a cast of characters for a mixed-up fairy tale. First they discovered the small ("Baby Bear") black holes, then the giant "Papas." But where were the medium "Mama Bear" black holes? It just didn't make sense that there would be smalls and larges but no mediums. Astronomers began the search, and found them. There's just one size that still hasn't been found, even though it has been predicted. The tiniest of all, the "Tom Thumbs" of the black-hole world, have yet to be discoveredâif they even exist. After reading the excerpt, Ricardo made a text-to-text connection. Which example is a text-to-text connection?


Robert Hooke was the first to discover the cell.

p l a y       r o b l o x


Galileo Galilei


It is the information on my book with the real discovery of him (sorry I just made sure of it)

Galileo Galile is the person who discovered the moon..but 1st he invent telescope and develop itafter that he explore his curiousity of the moon


Guys paki usap sabihin nyo nmn ang answer ohh

Angelo Gulapa discovered the cell because he produce it

11. T





11. T

12. F

13. T


11. without cell life is impossible

12. false because it was Robert Hooke

13. Cell is the first structure then tissues then organ system then organism then further more

1.father of her spouse marc

2.noon meal



5.popular innovator



8.lead personnel

9.permanent position demands


1 father of spouse

2 noon meal

3 firewood

4 lounge

5 popular innovator

6 latest information

7 grannies

8 lead personnel

9 permanent

10 swamp

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