3-2-1 Name three things that you learned in cultural heritage.
List two things that you want to learn more about.
Ask one question about cultural heritage lesson.​


Cultural heritage includes the sites, things, and practices a society regards as old, important, and worthy of conservation. It is currently the subject of increasing popular and scholarly attention worldwide, and its conceptual scope is expanding. Most social scientists emphasize its functions for supporting ethnic, national, and elite interests but others point to its creative and counterhegemonic sides. The article reviews the relation of heritage with tourism and nostalgia, dissonant/negative heritage, heritage and religion, rural and urban heritage, and heritage institutions, in particular the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization and its conventions. People's personal attachments to heritage deserve further study.

Depends on you, but if you don't like (japan, philippines or both) you can just draw a snickers bar and say "have a snicker"


why not?



Because I want to see and learn of the culture's that I want. Philippines is also my country but I am proud of it.



and Divison :)




I want to learn Division and Multiplication of Decimals.

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