What was the reason of rizal deleting the entire chapter intitled elias and salome?


ang mahiwag awit ng ibong adar na


the history of the philippines from 1898 to 1946 describes the period of american colonization of the philippines. it began with the outbreak of the spanish–american war in april 1898, when the philippines was still a colony of the spanish east indies, and concluded when the united states formally recognised the independence of the republic of the philippines on july 4, 1946.

with the signing of the treaty of paris on december 10, 1898, spain ceded the philippines to the united states, thereby beginning the era of american colonization.the interim u.s. military government of the philippine islands experienced a period of great political turbulence, characterised by the philippine–american war.

beginning in 1901, the military government was replaced by a civilian government—the insular government of the philippine islands—with william howard taft serving as its first governor-general. also, a series of insurgent governments that lacked significant international and diplomatic recognition existed betweeen 1898 and 1904.

following the passage of the philippine independence act in 1934, a philippine presidential election was held in 1935. manuel l. quezon was elected and inaugurated second president of the philippines on november 15, 1935. the insular government was dissolved and the commonwealth of the philippines, intended to be a transitional government in preparation for the country's full achievement of independence in 1946, was brought into existence.

after the world war ii japanese invasion in 1941 and subsequent occupation of the philippines, the united states and philippine commonwealth military recaptured the philippines in 1945. the united states formally recognised the independence of the republic of the philippines on july 4, 1946, according to the terms of the philippine independence act.

To prevent war between spaniards and the philippines

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