He developed the idea and coined the term “sociology” select one: a. auguste comte b. emile durkheim c. c. wright mills d. karl marx


Auguste Comte I think it's him
AUGUSTE COMTE double check it though...
Auguste Compte. Compte, a French Philosopher of science, used the term "Sociology" to describe a new way of looking at society.

Emmanuel Joseph Sieyes


Emmanuel Joseph Sieyes developed the idea and coined the term sciology in 1780 in an unpublished manuscript.

Sieyes is a churchman and constitutional theorist who believes that popular sovereignty can address the issues of monarchy and nobility especially at the beginning of the French revolution. Since he lacked nobility,he was not able to gain the same popularity as thee others.




Emmanuel Joseph Sieyes developed the idea and coined the term sociology in 1780 in an unpublished manuscript.

A. Auguste Comte - He is the father of sociology

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