What is the moral lesson on san andreas movie

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CuneiformExplanation: Cuneiform is a writing system of Mesopotamia created by the ancient Sumerians of 3500-3000 BCE.The Cuineform comes from the Latin word "cuneus" means wedge b...Read More
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mahirapExplanation:dahil tumataas ang mga produkto bumababa naman ang sahod ng mag sasaka kaya naghibirap ang karamihang magsasaka kaya binabaon rin nito tayo sa hirap...Read More
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Peninsulares and InsularesExplanation:The Peninsulares are pure blooded Spaniards who were born in Spain, these people are usually sent to the Philippines to govern the lands. Usua...Read More
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No. Because obeying the will of God and receiving his gift of Salvation start from having faith in him. It is not earned but accepted willingly and earnestly.Explanation:To know th...Read More
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He built the famous San Juanico Bridge to Samar-Leyte as a gift for her wife.Also, he built a nuclear power plant in Bataan and was sadly ceased the operation by President Corazon...Read More
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Noli Me Tangere had a big impression on the narrator because Jose Rizal portrayed himself as the protagonist and faced sufferings from the hands of the Spaniards. His high emotiona...Read More
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answer:•Ano ano ang konsepto at kaalamang pumukaw sa akin?1.)Pumukaw sa akin ang Pag-aaral sa Astrophysicshindi dahil gusto ko itong maging pangmatagalang propesyon.2.) Maraming ko...Read More
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