Gospel reflection of matthew 16: 21-23


Present appreciates past
  i like the poem entitled  apo on the wall  of bj patino because it provides a glimpse of what martial law was like back then. it gives me also an idea of what kind of relationship the narrator has with his father. reading between the lines has a lot more to say than understanding its literal meaning. it made me feel like i was there when it happened, like i witnessed what had happened. i made a vision that was like it. although, i didn’t actually lived then, i wasn’t even formed yet, there is a connection deep down that made me appreciate the current regime. if i’ll make a constructive criticism and comparison between the time of martial law and the present duterte administration, there’s a huge difference. as of now, the people is living in free will unlike before that it was pure dictatorship leaving the philippines in deep struggle, young or old, rich or poor. not only that, our country was in enormous debt. former president ferdinand marcos didn’t allocate the budget accordingly in the advantage of corrupt and dishonest government officials. most of it was almost all stashed in his bank accounts in foreign countries together with his first lady, imelda marcos, who bought shoes, jewelries and garments that costs a fortune. but of course, he had made a couple of accomplishments that as of now, the people benefited such as the philippine heart center and san juanico bridge. within his reign, crime was down the track. outlaws and those who tried to interrogate and get rid of him were put six feet under without even knowing and investigating. however, the people don’t seem to credit him much for that. it’s because he had cast more sufferings than getting them out of poverty and fulfilling all his propaganda. cheating on the election was his issue too. it was a blood bath period.  today, the people are quite happy of the new administration except for drug addicts and pushers based on a survey i’ve seen on television of a trusted news network. the current president rodrigo duterte is doing his work very well and accordingly. he is by far the best and gutsy president the philippines has ever had.  he goes after drug lords and convicts the guilty, corrupt and dishonest politicians from the senate and of those in higher to lower positions. he is bringing justice to the people as well as lessened criminality. eventually, those people who do not believe in him and hated him for his vulgar language will turn to his side and realize that he is saving this generation, the coming and our children’s children from being ruined caused by illegal drugs – which is the root causes of almost all crimes. i didn’t mourn that my parents voted him in. they made the right choice and so far, no regrets have been made.  going back to the poem, the message that i got from it was the perspective that the persona’s father have about martial law and what it means to be a man. the narrator was clearly juvenile and shallow. his curiosity was all in. his father once told him:   that was no place for a boy, only men. the narrator thought, it means so he doesn’t roam around and touch his father’s things that may injure him. but by analyzing that statement, it probably means more than that, isn’t it? at his young age, he can’t fully understand what his father was really trying to mean, he can only interpret them literally.

ang wika ng mga romano noon ay latin.


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