Ano ang tawag sa mga taong nakatira sa germany



La Ilustración Filipina

La Illustracion Filipina (1892).jpg

July 28, 1892 cover of La Ilustración Filipina

EditorJose Zaragoza y Aranquizna

FoundedNovember 7, 1891

Political alignmentIndependent


Ceased publication1905

HeadquartersManila, Philippines

La Ilustración Filipina was a Spanish language newspaper published in Manila, Philippines, that ran during the last decade of the Spanish colonial era, and at times during the Philippine Revolution and the beginning of the 20th century under U.S. rule.

It was an illustrated weekly newspaper that covered a wide array of social related topics both local and international. Many personalities at the time, both Spanish and Filipinos, contributed articles and pictures, although the newspaper also published anonymous articles that in some cases raised a great deal of controversy.


The preparatory commission for philippine independence or the pcpi was the drafting body of the 1943 philippine constitution during the japanese occupation of the philippines during world war ii. the constitution was signed and unanimously approved on september 4, 1943 by its members and was then ratified by a popular convention of the kalibapi in manila on september 7, 1943.
Ang tawag sa mga taong nakatira sa Deutschland (Germany) ay Deutsch po.  

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