Why did noli me tangere have such a big impression on the narrators? could you relate to the narrator's experience of reading? why or why not?


Noli Me Tangere had a big impression on the narrator because Jose Rizal portrayed himself as the protagonist and faced sufferings from the hands of the Spaniards.

His high emotional quotient could be perceived in the book.

The ending of both his books had a tragic ending.

The ending of both the books portrayed how he lost his life by protecting his people. .

Who is the narrator?
Can you give the link of the book?
Noli me tangere is based on the story of Jose Rizal
It is because the narrator/author is the main character of Noli Me Tangere.
Cause it leave a lesson and express an emotionally feeling of others.
Because of the greatness of the maker of the novel Noli Me Tangere, Dr. Jose Rizal, the narrator was inspired by means of Rizal's knowledge. The novel was such an eye opener to all Filipinos. ( Your answer from the question about the relations of your experience from the author must be from your own opinion. We have the same question from our book).
A noli me tangere by jose rizal is such a great novel of Philippines A passionate love story and a set of ugly political backdrops


Because noli me tangere is more on the life of the writer. it's also pertains to the condition of the society and the people belonging.

because it is such a great novel of Philippines also passionate love story and a set of ugly political backdrop. And its really helped Filipinos to realized that they were being treated badly by the spaniards

Spain, to Rizal, was a venue for realizing his dreams. He finished his studies in Madrid and this to him was the realization of the bigger part of his ambition. His vision broadened while he was in Spain to the point of awakening in him an understanding of human nature, sparking in him the realization that his people needed him. 

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