If you are a leader of a country would you declare a war? why did you say so​


When world war i was coming to a close there were antiwar rallies taking place in germany, but by the time world war ii rolled around many germans remembered this clause of the treaty and it turned them away from the allies and towards war. damages: this is arguably the largest cause of world war ii.

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before I answer there are two things to consider as a president or leader of a country first being beneficial of people in regards to the war and second being the casualties one can find on the battlefield lying about. If given a country were to attack then you must retalliate otherwise you will lose your control over your country and be enslaved like the rest.

NO, because of the main thought of war will rage until one subdues the other or forms a political treaty or alliance in regardance to the war will not only risk expenses and machinery to do so but also the lives of the people who are at the mercy of the battle.


if I leader to the country I would not declare a war because I dont want

them to fight each other because they have one family or country

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