Reflection paper about the film.
Guide Questions:
-Describe the life of Jose Rizal’s represented in the film.
-What is your own reflection based on the film and your understanding.



Jose rizal is normal person like others but nung dumating Yung mga espanyol syay ikinulong dahil sa kanyang pagkakakulong syay naka pag sulat ng liham

Step-by-step explanation:

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The life of Jose Rizal's embodied significance contribution to us Filipinos with these it help us recognize the ideas and teaching of Dr. Rizal in its connection to the present conditions and the situations our society is facing.

Adding to this;

His life reminds us the we have impact on how we respond to the the different social and personal issues.

His Life also reminds us on how he fought and died for the love of our country, a Patriotic Hero.

Lasty, his life reminds us as the Youth of Today has a role, a voice in the society.

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