Describe the 19th century Philippines as represented in the film. Compare it with the Philippines of today.


no, because the enforcers or an influential person may abuse this privilege of the state which may result in innocent suspects being jailed. and the way government eliminates terrorist may well be caused to convinced more terrorists.

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No, when utilized right globalization can help us


Globalization is the fast flow of people, information, products and things in a highly inter-connected world with border limitations playing a small part. In many ways this has actually made our lives better. Because of globalization, jobs that were available only abroad are now available here. Also communication has become instant with the Internet and social media.

There are also disadvantages to globalization. When companies offshore, they look for cheaper labor. As it is, we are one of the cheapest in the market. One way to look at it is that they are abusing us, for not paying us due wages. On the other hand, it can also be a threat to job security as they might just go elsewhere when cheaper labor than us becomes available.

There are also health implications, because travel is now easier, especially with low-cost airfares, diseases could be transferred easily. Hence it is very critical for immigration and health departments to work hand in hand. In the Philippines this has happened several times, with the most prominent being the SARS some years ago.

So just because of these disadvantages, should we reject it outright? No. In a connected world, we could help each other more. Take the case of Yolanda. When this happened, because information was shared readily on social media, helped poured in. To reject globalization altogether is not a good move. The benefits outweigh the risks so we should maximize what we can with globalization.

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Republic Act No. 10121


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