What is the analysis of of the lyrics of the song Imagine by John Lennon


Ang Lesbian Advocates Philippines (LeAP) ay isang organisasyon na naglalayong isulong ang mga isyung panglipunan ng mga kababaihan partikular na ang mga lesbian sa Pilipinas.

Explanation: Layunin din nitong mapalawak ang kaisipan at pangunawa ng lipunan ukol sa mga balakid na kanilang kinakaharap. Ilan sa mga isyung na kanilang tinutugunan ay diskriminasyon sa pamilya, relasyon at sa lipunan, kakulangan ng mga support centers, information and awareness campaignsat pakikipagugnayan sa iba't-ibang organisasyon upang gumawa at pagtibayin pa ang mga batas na magbibigay ng protection sa mga kababaihan partikular na mga lesbian. Halimbawa ng mga batas na kanilang isinusulong ay ang Anti-Discrimination Act at Reproductive Health Law.

The Spanish in 1521

Explanation:in 1521 the spanish colonizers set on land and fought the native tribes of the filipino which is now known as the "battle of mactan"

the native forces were leaded by lapu-lapu and the spanish were lead by ferdinand magellan and so the 300 years of the spanish started it all ended with the treaty of paris where the philippines was sold to the americans

for 20,000,000 million dollars and in 1898 the philippines celebrated independence but not for long

Song Meaning of “Imagine” by John Lennon

Beautiful and simple lyrics right? Yes, and quite deep at the same time. John Lennon asks us to imagine that there’s no heaven and hell. He says we may have to try a little-because we have been spoon-fed that above us is the heaven and below us is the hell from our very childhoods. So it may need a little effort, but you can imagine it. And who teaches us of heaven and hell? Well, the religion. I’m not hating on any religion, but the chaos we have brought upon this world in the name of ‘religion’ is beyond justifiable under any faith. It’s as if, the world would have been a better place without religions.

We go to heaven or hell ‘tomorrow’-not today. What if people focused on the present? Living in the present? How would that impact our behavior? Would we treat people differently if we knew we had to endure the consequences of our actions today? We go to heaven or hell after our death. Well, what if we had to pay off our debts in this life itself? Would we still be doing all the inhumanities that we do today?

ohn Lennon asks us to imagine that there are no countries. Why? Well, what are countries? Goggle defines a country as “a nation with its own government, occupying a particular territory.” That’s a red sign right there. How many wars have been fought in the name of patriotism, sovereignty, imperialism and territory? What if the whole world was one nation? Would people still fight for boundaries? Wealthy and powerful nations thrive on acquiring and pondering smaller and weaker nations. ‘Peace’ is the shield they use to cover their dirty hands.

We take pride in saying “we are willing to die for our country”. True, there’s nobility in that, because we are already divided into territories. But what if there were no territories? Would people still have to die for a piece of land? Probably not!

“Imagine” music video features a Red Indian woman. Red Indians were the initial occupiers of the land that we call today-United States of America. The early white settlers slaughtered and massacred the Red Indians-the whole civilization-and built the great nation of United States. Showing this Red Indian woman shedding light to the room where John Lennon plays his piano is a subtle slap to the great nation. And this Red Indian woman is John Lennon’s spouse-a Japanese-Yoko Ono!

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