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This my lil dawg he my real ride or die

This my lil dawg he my real ride or die
This my lil dawg he my real ride or die


Saying no is the first step to being free


In one of former Ninoy Aquino's letter to Noynoy Aquino, he said that "The moment you say no to tyranny, you are beginning the struggle to the long, lonely road to freedom." This is a powerful statement because it means that the first step to being free is by resisting. When we say no, we disagree with what is being pushed on us.

As Filipinos, it is hard for us to say no because we want to be liked, we want acceptance. But when we actually say no, and say no to tyranny at that, then we are starting to go against the tide. In the context of this letter, this meant going against Martial Law at that time. It was difficult to push against martial law that time because there was so much resistance from all sides.

Ninoy, however, did not waver. He believed that he was right and went on in that journey to freedom that he described as a lonely road. And he was right, when you go against the norm, you are alone, most likely and if you are alone then you face not only a strong opposition but also that internal struggle of whether you would want to leap ahead or simply give up.

Saying no to tyranny can be expressed in several ways. The most common form of resistance is going to the streets and protesting. Heroes in other nations have tried hunger strikes and civil disobedience. The worst would be an armed resistance as this will put civilians in danger. Whatever method is chosen, it will not be easy and there will be consequences either way.

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