What is the introduction, summary recommendations and historical values about The World of Rizal's Time?


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The USS Callister is Black Mirror’s first episode and it’s created by William Bridges and Charlie Brooker. Toby Haynes directed the episode along with the rest of the fourth series which aired first on Netflix. It revolves around Robert Daly played by Jesse Plemons. He’s a programmer and the co-founder of a very popular multiplayer game online but also described as gifted and yet reclusive.

He was bitter when his coworkers could not give him the recognition he wanted when it comes to his position in the company. He then created a simulation a la Star Trek which is an adventure in space but digitally cloned his coworkers’ identities using their DNA. He acted as the captain of the ship which he named as USS Callister and was able to manipulate his coworkers to everything he wishes and punished them when they go beyond the line. A new recruit, Nanette Cole, encouraged the other players in the game to revolt against their captain.

This particular episode of Black Mirror contains more comedy and introduces a lot of special effects. The audience reviewed this as one of the best episodes so far of Black Mirror’s fourth series. However, it was also criticized due to the extended length of the episode. It was also criticized as depicting abuse of authority by a male.

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Meaning of unfamiliar words in the book can be found in Glossary



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