Why did garcia believe that rizal realy retracted his msonic affliation?


Rizal’s retraction letter was discovered by Father Manuel Garcia, C.M. in 1935, its content has become a favorite subject of dispute among academicians and Catholics. The letter, dated December 29, 1896, was said to have been signed by the National Hero himself.

According to research, it stated: “I declare myself a Catholic and in this religion in which I was born and educated I wish to live and die. I retract with all my heart whatever in my words, writings, publications, and conduct has been contrary to my character as the son of the Catholic Church.


Moreover, there are ample of documentary evidence to prove such a theory. History books tell most people that the first draft of the retraction was sent by Archbishop Bernardino Nozaleda to Rizal’s cell in Fort Santiago the night before his execution in Bagumbayan. But Rizal was said to have rejected the draft because it was lengthy. At the end of the day, the controversy whether the National Hero actually wrote a retraction document only lies in the judgment of its reader, as no amount of proof can probably make the two opposing groups—the Masonic Rizalists (who firmly believe that Rizal did not withdraw) and the Catholic Rizalists (who were convinced Rizal retracted)—agree with each other.

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Garcia believe that Rizal really retracted his masonic affiliation because of the evidence that gathered and also the family status of Rizal when it comes to the religion. The family of Rizal known as a religious family because they really emphazise the religious practices.

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