Is courtship and dating important to them in choosing a lifetime partner? why?


Yes, to know each other. what his/her attitude when the two of you alone in one place. what his characteristics,,,that would be the sign. if hes good enough to be your husband.
Yes, because they will try getting to know each other while they are dating if the two of them will be good as a couple in the future
Yes, because it helps us to know them further.
Well couple meet its destiny.
they like each other through eyes meets and throug their brain down to their heart
It is important because you have to know well the person before you decide to be his/her partner because marriage is a permanent union with commitment and responsibility. Being a couple is not just a simple relationship between a girlfriend and a boyfriend. 
For me, courtship and dating are both steps of knowing your soon-to-be partners and it is an essential to a better relationship, and yes it is important. 

Yes. Courtship is important because by courting the person whom you love you can show or prove that person how much you love him/her, which can make you like each other even more and make your bond much more stronger. Dating is also very important since it's a way for you two to get to know each other more and see if you guys are actually compatible and suitable for one another.

Yes, because choosing a partner is a serious thing. Courtship and dating is a way to know the guy/girl more.

1. They met at their elementary school.

2. They loved/liked each other with their personalities and with their positive vibes.

3. Yes, It is the common tradition (here in Asia) to court the girl, before having a relationship with another sex, to seek what she/he is going to be with the rest of their lives.

4. Yes, Since courting and dating are like the basis of why, you are going to live with that person the rest of your life.

5.The message i can draw from the previous information, were, being in a relationship/ marriage, it takes time and patience. Its either they stay or go for being with their partners. Best thing is to think before in a relationship since its hard to know what your future will be with the person you'll be with.

Yes. Because courtship and dating are the most important element in finding the right one. In this way you can truly know what is the color or the true attitude of your partner. If he/she can be the best or not. Choosing your life partner is one of the most important decisions you'll make in your life.

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