How did they like/love each other?


Well couple meet its destiny.
they like each other through eyes meets and throug their brain down to their heart

1. They met at their elementary school.

2. They loved/liked each other with their personalities and with their positive vibes.

3. Yes, It is the common tradition (here in Asia) to court the girl, before having a relationship with another sex, to seek what she/he is going to be with the rest of their lives.

4. Yes, Since courting and dating are like the basis of why, you are going to live with that person the rest of your life.

5.The message i can draw from the previous information, were, being in a relationship/ marriage, it takes time and patience. Its either they stay or go for being with their partners. Best thing is to think before in a relationship since its hard to know what your future will be with the person you'll be with.

It depends what they are looking for that suit(s) for them

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