What will you do while walking home from school a stranger approaches you and offer something he says smells good taste good and will help you improve your studies and school performance


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The correct answer among the above given listed choices is letter e. Demand for real estate is not an effect of deforestation but rather can be a cause of deforestation. Because of increasing demand for real estate, deforestation might happen in order to give way to other human plans.


-this refers to human activities of cutting, removing or clearing trees and forest to possibly make way for any other activities such as agriculture, roar ways and urban development.

Further information about deforestation can be read here

Some Main Effects of DeforestationLandslide Soil erosion Climate change Extinction of wildlife



Water is life. Two third of the earth is composed of water. Water is the most important resource on earth. Without water life on earth has no essence. One of the dangerous thing that might happen on earth is the water shortage due to water pollution.

What are pollutants and air pollutants read more on:

What is water pollution and depletion

What causes water pollution​

What is water pollution?Water pollution happens when their is water contamination in the bodies of water. One of the reason of water pollution is human activities. It can be physical, chemical or biological properties of water that can harm on any living organisms.Water pollution can harm living organisms including people such as

1. Diseases

2. Ecosystem Destruction

3. Harmful to algae

4. Food chain disruption

Sources of Water pollution

1. Domestic waste

2. Pesticides

3. Detergents

4. Fertilizers

5. Industrial effluents

Water pollution preventionSaving waterSewage treatmentUse of environmental friendly products
I will say..Thank you but i can't accept any offers from stranger...

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